Group Life & Key Person Insurance

Protecting Georgia Businesses with coverage for your
key people

We can work with you to choose key employee coverage that will
address the following in case of disability or death:                   

  • The loss of the individual’s specialized skills that are integral to the
    business’ success.                                                                    
  • Interruptions in the everyday operation of the business.               

  • Valuable time of those who must absorb the deceased’s or the      
    disabled’s responsibilities.                                                           
  • Impaired business credit or financial instability.                            

  • Finding another partner who can handle the person's duties.        

  • Locating a qualified replacement.                                                
Buy-Sell Agreements    
Our firm provides the life insurance policies from national
carriers. We will tailor these policies to the requirements
of your buy-sell agreement.

Benefits of an insured Buy-Sell Agreement:
  • Business is stabilized                                     
  • Estate can be settled promptly                       
  • Estate receives payment of partners full value  
  • Surviving heirs are relieved of business worries
Business Life Insurance

Insuring the Future of Your Business

    Do you have a Long Term Financial Strategy
    for your business?
    Our firm can work with you to establish:

                *asset based Long Term Care

                *Business Insurance that Provides Support
                        for your business if you are disabled

                 *Life Insurance that will protect all of your
 * Life Insurance policies can
                    be great controllable
                    executive incentives  
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