Protection for Your Income & Financial Future

"One in three people will experience a disabling impairment
for at least 90 days prior to age 65. Of those with disabilities
that last at least 90 days, the average disability will last for
an additional 5.5 years."

Do you have sufficient disability to protect your future?

Only 28 percent of working Americans have long term disability.
Sixty percent of American working people are grossly underinsured.

What happens if I'm disabled without enough insurance?

37% of all US bankruptcies are caused by a disabling injury or illness.

Will you continue to have medical coverage if your disabled?

Sixty two percent of the people who are disabled do not have enough
disability insurance to allow them to pay for their healthcare coverage.
We can work with you to determine the best plan
and how much coverage you will need if your disabled

We will only recommend highly rated top carrier companies

When you are covered by Workman's Compensation; we offer
voluntary disability coverage that still pays 50% of your on-the-job
cash benefits over and above your WC benefits.

We offer plans that cover time off for child birth.

Tailoring key employee plans to a company's needs is one of our
many specialties.  

We will structure your plan to protect you against paying unwarranted
income taxes on your disability benefits.

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Dilemma," Dawn MacKeen,     Click on URL      


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Southern Keystone INS
Disability Insurance
Cancer Coverage is needed because:

*Health Insurance doesn't cover it all

*If Your Family has a history of cancer   
you may need it

*Its benefits are paid directly to you

*Individual or Family coverage

*Benefits paid in addition to other

*You will need extended care

*Additional benefits will be needed for
all of the additional treatments

Cancer calls for well planned advanced       

Our team will customize your
insurance plan to match your
needs and objectives