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ACA Qualified Group Benefits

    Our firm provides the answers to these group requirements
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Southern Keystone Services is committed to maintaining a secure site, including all linkage and information entry functions. We will not distribute or
share your information with third parties without your express permission. Our site is secured under the guidelines of the "National Ethics Bureau."  
All Southern Keystone employees are certified and appointed by the forty eight national institutions and carriers that we propose and support. We
are licensed by the State of Georgia and certified by the Federal HLS agency. Latest regulations on GAP, self-insured plans, high deductible plans
Full Access for Benefits Manager

Use this site to access detailed information on
all qualified ACA group plans. This site will give
you the tools to manage:  

  • Registration
  • Access to group plan selection
  • Enrollments and cancellations
  • Changes of address
  • Online bill pay
  • Transaction history
  • Activity reports
  • Employer Group Contributions
  • Elimination of the “Strong” Penalty

This site provides detailed instruction   
on corporate registration and how    
broker access will be provided. This
will allow your broker to give you online
assistance at anytime that it is needed.

Plus: OptiMed GAP (Self-insured group plans)
We provide cost effective enterprise-wide plans for:

* Large employers with fifty or more employees
1. ACA certified group coverage
2. Customizable plans with self insured features
3. Flexible cost sharing group plans

* Small to Medium sized employers with under fifty employees
1. GAP Plans with flexibility in selecting high deductible plans
2. Optimization of self insurance plans for greater savings
3. Guaranteed issue coverage
4. Allows employees to select best fit coverage
5. This is the only GAP plan that functions in conjunction with
   an employer sponsored comprehensive major medical plan
6. Elimination of the “Strong” Penalty          
Your Group Benefits Plan Reflects Your Company's Image!
Southern Keystone Financial has the resources and capabilities
to implement the integrated enterprise-wide payroll and benefits
applications, including all software and hardware that make up a
cost effective portal based Human Resources system.
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Your Company's Customised HR System Options

 Employee Benefits Small & Large
                Integrated Payroll system
                401K Plan
                          Health coverage (full, any major carrier or self-funded)
                          Group dental, life and vision
 *  Key employee benefits
Deductible whole life
                          Corporate lost employee protection
  *  Partnership
Buy-Sell agreements & coverage