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Annuity Plans with the Highest Rates
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 Best Rated Annuities
Southern Keystone Services
Focused on Assisting Investors with Their Plans for Life
Southern Keystone was founded fourteen years ago to assist Investors with
their estate and asset management objectives. We offer, at no charge, the
services of Dr. Shelby Smith, one of the top investment and retirement
consultants in the country. Our firm is offering the best annuities available for a
retirement income that will generate a safe lifetime income that you can not
We can provide you with free consulting services that will assist you in using your financial
resources by providing you with plans with short terms in
retirement annuities that
allow you to keep control of your money

  • Retirement Plans based on the highest yield fixed best rated annuities
  • Best Annuities to accumulate the highest Life long income balance
  • Highest yielding fixed index best rated annuities
  • Money Market Funds
  • High Yielding Certificates of Deposits
  • Retirement's Best Annuities for Life long income
  • Life Insurance with lifetime income and long term care incorporated   
  • Disability  for financial security combined with top retirement annuities  
We can work with you to design a plan to protect the financial
future of your family. Our firm can do a needs analysis to
recommend the best annuity to reach your retirement goals.
  • Very high interest rate bank CDs, FDIC insured, starting at 7.25%APY
  • FDIC Insurance for all banking products from A+ Rated Banks Only                                        
  • Insurance coverage for all of our client's funds and estates  
  • Dynamic retirement plans that can adjust to cover inflation     
  • Long Term Care options that avoid the use-it-or-loose-it problem
  • Life policies that provide you with a tax free lifetime income, fixed 5.3% yield                                            
  • Investment strategies to grow  your savings in the best retirement annuities
  • Providing you with a high yield lifetime income that you can not outlive
  • Maximizing the long term compounding of your investments in best rated annuities  
  • The best annuities providing the greatest tax savings and an income tax free retirement                      
  • Personal recommendations that provide:
  • Plans based on the highest yield vehicles available today
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This site provides
outstanding investment
advice from Dr. Shelby Smit
The best rated annuities have been determined by the National Annuity Brokers Association and the NAIFA. The best rated
retirement annuity was established through a comparative analysis of carrier and product capabilities. The best annuities are the
best retirement lifetime income vehicles as established by the top business school in the country, the Wharton School of Business.
The Best Annuities for retirement provide the safest and highest accumulation rate of all fixed plans. The best annuities are the
safest retirement income generator, providing an income that you can not out live.  
You have concluded that you can't live on todays low interest rate .
We have fixed insured income plans that pay 6.8%APY as a lifetime income.
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