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Article:   "Study Ties Bankruptcy to Medical Bills"
Published: February 2, 2005                       
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  • Whether you are looking for simplicity, convenience,

  • We have the Affordable Health Plans ( The most affordable policies )
    plus dental, disability & life coverage.
  •  The top health insurance carriers

  •  Certified access to carrier's Qualified Health Plans, quotes and
     online applications. Making it easy to buy insurance     
  •  No matter which carrier or plan you choose your premium will        

  •  We can tailor your policy to match your objectives and your       
cover preventive care and prescriptions
Doctor choice or low monthly rates, we have answers
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deductible to reduce your premium rate, then buy health insurance
Provides a you with
Humana's central site to
evaluate and select
Fully Qualified Health Plans
for 2015
as defined by the
A+ Rating
Our agents are certified to
provide Affordable Health Plans

We assist individuals to complete
the plan application by helping
them to make comparisons,
selection, and helping with the
enrollment process.
Our certified agents are there to make it easy to buy health insurance that is an ACA qualified health plan. Fast enrollment made easy.
Do you have question about ACA coverage?
Ask our agents, they are Federally Certified
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