Georgia Senior Coverage
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                                                Long Term Care for Seniors

Long-term care is the coverage you need if you have a chronic condition
that leaves you unable to care for yourself over an extended time.

What can long-term care cost and what are the solutions to these issues?

  •  Many people dislike the use-it-or-loose-it disadvantage of long term care

  •  Extended disability due to illness or injury can destroy your family’s financial future

  •  National average nursing home costs $68,000 per year, $ 186 per day

  •  Home care costs average $21,000 per year

  •  Social security and Medicaid have strict requirements to qualify for assistance
   and can take over a year to qualify for any of these benefits

             Who pays for most long term care?

  • Families pay for 85% of all long term care by exhausting life time savings and the
 sale of their homes

  • Medicare, Medicare Supplemental and all major medical insurance will not pay for
 long term care

Southern Keystone provides you with many different
Life Insurance plans, that are tailored to your needs and
inflation protected. They cost far less than standard LTC!

Our primary objective is to provide quality care for you and the preservation of your assets.
These objectives can be met with Life Insurance plus long term care rider:

1.    Benefits are based on the expense-incurred method of payment(Carriers will
pay for the expense you incur to the dollar limit of the policy)

2.     Automatic inflation protection (Nursing home rates continue to rise and this rider
adjusts your benefits to match that ever-present increase)

3.     With life insurance there is no use-it-or-loose-it problem. If you do not need long term
the benefit goes to your beneficiaries or you can spend it in retirement

4.     All of these tax free life insurance plans will cover home nursing care as LTC

We offer coverage with many other advantages and we will work with you to select the best
options for you and your family. (Go-to the "Quote" page to get excellent pricing)                 

Article on Research Findings, From: "American Council of Life Insurers"
"Can Aging Baby Boomers Avoid the Nursing Home?"         Link to Article  
by: Dr. Barbara R. Stucki and Dr.J. Mulvey
(866) 552-3228